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Bespoke service in our fleet of luxury vehicles

We offer a bespoke service in our fleet of luxury vehicles.

Travel to your meeting, to the airport or your special occasion in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Our corporate clients can benefit from using travelling time efficiently and productively, avoid crowded trains and travel in your own E Class Mercedes and arrive at the door fresh and prepared.

Unbadged black leather upholstered E Class Mercedes provide you with the opportunity to travel in a pleasant, air conditioned environment. Work in privacy on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

We can provide a WiFi enabled environment to help with your productivity ( mobile signal permitting )

Our E Class Mercedes can accommodate up to 4 people and luggage or for larger parties travel in comfort and style in our leather upholstered VW Transporter which can accommodate 8 passengers with luggage.

Our vehicles are technically advanced benefiting from " Blue Efficiency" technology ensuring the minimum of noise and emissions, supporting a green agenda and reducing our carbon footprint.